Our Procurement, Logistics & Supply


Procurement Group is responsible for Purchasing, Inspection, Expediting and Traffic. This group issues all purchasing orders from requisition prepared by the Design and Project Engineering Group. Equipment and materials are acquired from reliable sources of supply on a worldwide basis, guaranteeing the specified quality and the committed delivery time at the lowest possible price compatible with the project requirements. The Procurement Group's Inspectors make periodic visits to suppliers and fabrication shops to ensure compliance with quality, specifications, standards and drawings. Expediters monitor the adequate flow of documents such as engineering, specifications, bonds, insurance, import permits, etc., as well as the delivery of equipment and materials to the job-site on schedule. The Traffic section establishes the most convenient routing to minimize shipping rates, transit time and cargo damage. Regular reports are issued on the procurement phases in order to ensure their efficient coordination. The daily and permanent professional relations that maintains with vendors and suppliers of proven reliability leads to efficient procurement for the benefit of any